Described as a rising young talent at Construction Computer Software (CCS) SA, Bonokuhle Magwaza is an automated QA tester tasked with leading the test automation of CCS’s future cloud-based platform that comprises accounting and quantity surveying features.

Magwaza shares with us more about his experience in the software computing space, what some of the challenges are that young people face in the industry, and his thoughts on the significance of Youth Month this year.

BizcommunityTell us a bit about yourself and your background.

Bonokuhle Magwaza: I am originally from KwaZulu-Natal. I am a parent, and I enjoy the outdoors.

BizcommunityWhat drew you to a career in software computing?

Magwaza: I was attracted by the fact that every industry, emerging or existing, requires a computer system to survive in the modern business landscape.

BizcommunityWhat are some your achievements in your field of which you are most proud?

Magwaza: Achieving global ISQB certifications, SAP training in BI, and MS/SQL certification.

BizcommunityWhat aspects of your field are you most passionate about?

Magwaza: Machine learning and AI. As an automation tester, I see a lot of this on the horizon.

BizcommunityWhat or who inspires you?

Magwaza: Elon Musk.

BizcommunityWhat are some of the challenges young people face in your industry? How would you suggest they be overcome?

Magwaza: Managing one’s finances is a major challenge for the youth amongst any demographic. I think it’s attributed to the lack of financial education, social expectation, and pervasive marketing content. Financial education needs to a mandatory part of tertiary education.

BizcommunityThe Covid-19 crisis is likely to have a significant impact on the opportunities available for professional development for young South Africans. Do you have any words of encouragement?

Magwaza: There is always the inevitable fact that anything in life, as we know it, will change. Although the status quo may have been profitable, you have to see and acknowledge change, and find where the next opportunity may lie.

BizcommunityWhat to you is the significance of Youth Month in 2020?

Magwaza: My personal symbol of Youth Day, specifically, is the generation that this holiday commemorates. Most of the youth knew they would not see freedom, but they also knew their blood will nourish the trees that will bear the fruits of freedom.

BizcommunityYou’ve been voted SA’s president for the day. What’s the first thing on your to-do list?

Magwaza: Basic education, introduce a skills-based syllabus to that level – be it professional, artistic or industrial – a learning approach that will develop them not just for tertiary life, but for the world. Not everyone has the privilege of going to tertiary institutions.