While the term unprecedented times is becoming a bit oversubscribed, the media is experiencing its own unprecedented, via a global resurgence in media consumption. The fact that audiences, fragmented to marketers for so long, have once again been captive at home, is providing brands with both opportunities and responsibilities.

Consolidating reputations and relationships is already a new normal for many companies navigating towards post-Covid scenarios. Saying that, budget constraints are demanding as little wastage as a possible and clear focus on outcomes and returns on investment in advertising and marketing communications.

The ‘new normal’ of media spend in a Covid-19 world

Media is experiencing the aftershocks of the pandemic with fast-tracked digital transformation causing seismic shifts in media consumption. In turn this is impacting media spend, creating a ‘new normal’ in the South African media and advertising industry…

Amanda Rogaly 18 May 2020

While real office space is locked up is an ideal time to upgrade an online presence. The digital business-to-business media are providing valuable opportunities for companies and brands in high traffic, virtual environments. As the only media brand with community in our DNA, we are proud that a presence on Bizcommunity promises community and delivers community.

10 benefits of a Biz Press Office on Bizcommunity:
1. The Show Office
The virtual presence that gives you a real presence! A Biz Press Office offers a glimpse into your company and culture when furnished with best views of company premises, signage, boardrooms, the trusty coffee machine, mascots, pot plants and teams. We recently upgraded our flagship Press Office please pop by to visit Bizcommunity’s showoffice.

2 . We’re all in this together
Another unprecedented has been an overwhelming sense of solidarity among SA business stakeholders across the board. The realisation that ‘we’re all in this together’ has seen likely and unlikely associations, even among former competitors or adversaries forging collaborations and united fronts. Bizcommunity’s 19 industry sectors have proved ideal for identifying, announcing and amplifying these noteworthy associations.

3 . Take us to your leaders
Real leaders have been rising to the fore and true leadership, always an integral part of a company’s DNA, is more important now than ever before. Industry spokespersons, ambassadors and business heroes are taking advantage of unprecedented opportunities to lead online. Inspiring not only the company vision and morale within their own organisations but within greater business ecosystems. Profiling your company leadership puts ‘faces to names’ for your company while adding to the intellectual capital of your region.

4. Showing authenticity
Many SA companies and brands are showing new levels of altruism and empathy during the current coronavirus crisis, providing a sought-after authenticity factor in business. Returning to core values, answering questions of who you are and what drives you, can be turned into value-added content assets.

5. What’s your ‘why’
Recent crises have seen many companies swept along by the unprecedented necessity of revisiting the ‘why’ of their organisations. Why have we always done things this way? Why didn’t we do this before? Sharing these insights via business communications reminds prospects and associates of your company’s unique purpose and can inspire others, from learner to leader.

6. Once upon a time
The ABC of your organisation starts with the story, we’re always told. Create page-turning perceptions and interest around your company, service or brand by how you tell your story, where you tell it, by what actions, tone or means, to stay top-of-mind now.

7. Like-minded

Where business-to-business publishing comes into its own. Ticking all the above boxes – collaborations √, leadership √, authenticity √, purpose√, stories√ – creates the full picture of your organisation, connecting and aligning your company with loyal and like-minded audiences, strengthening tribes, communities, affiliations and followers.

8. True colours
When the hard thinking about resetting, purpose, technology and so on have been done, it might be time to show off your creative side – the story of a company logo, design elements, brand name, identity, colours, symbols and tone, taglines (just do it ), ad material and activations are the always welcome icing on the cake that show your unique DNA.

9. What your brand did next
Ticking some of the above will help ensure the like-minded tribe of followers and ‘believers’ will take an interest in your next moves.

10. Preserve heritage with a Biz Press Office
A regular publishing presence on Bizcommunity can ensure your company news appears as top story headlines and is archived for one year in your custom, virtual Press Office space. ( see point 1 above ) – providing an overview of annual company activity under one virtual roof. In addition, Press Office submissions contribute to the perceptions and market intelligence of our region as a whole and we thank the hundreds of companies who have generously shared their Covid-19 and Lockdown stories with us over recent months.

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