The Excel bundle special we sent out recently was met with much enthusiasm.

Today, as a special offer to all our small businesses, we have a free POPI course available.

On the 1st July 2021 POPI becomes a reality in our world.
Most of us are ignoring it, for a number of reasons.
May and June will see a frenzy in the news together with scaremongering – the way things usually happen.

While it is true that the fines are huge and include possible jailtime, one of the reasons we are ignoring it is because the legislation has been written by lawyers for lawyers. It makes most folk glaze over.

One of my mentors is a gentleman named Peter Carruthers and he has been expertly guiding me since 2006 in many of my business dealings and decisions.
Pete is now offering a free POPI course in a way which simply makes it all very understandable and relatively simple to comply.

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain should you hold data on clients.
ALL businesses need to comply by 1st July, and it is a nightmare for small business who do not have the money to bring in the big guns.

Get the POPI course while it still free by clicking the link below.